Here at Maverick we provide routine veterinary services to both horses and cattle, as well as providing 24/7 emergency services. We also provide limited services for Bison, camelids, sheep and goats, mini donkeys and pigs.  


Dr. Schultz will admit that he had horses in mind when he decided to pursue veterinary medicine, but production animal medicine has become the dominant component of this practice. We take it upon oursleves to understand the cattle business, from Cow/Calf to the Finishing Lot, in order to provide relevant and practical herd health solutions for our production clients. We believe cattle vets are uniquely positioned as liaisons between producers and the general public; a general public that is demanding assurance of food safety, responsible drug use, and animal welfare in our industry. We have made the integration of traceability and production parameter measurement a top priority for the production animal side of the practice, and we believe the use of these technologies will be a hallmark of the best managed herds going forward. 

As well as providing routine veterinary equine services here at Maverick, we have also partnered with Dr. Conrad Wilgenbusch, Board Certified Equine Surgeon and Equine Sports Medicine Lameness Specialist, to create a sister practice that specializes in Equine Sports Medicine. Hoping to go above and beyond the needs of your equine performance partner, Momentum Equine is based out of Sherwood Park, AB. Making trips to the Maverick clinic at least once a month, to find out when Dr. Wilgenbusch and Dr. Shearer will be here next please give us a call. For more information on Momentum Equine and their marvelous staff, please visit their website: 



Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm

Sat. 9am-1pm

Closed Saturdays through the summer months

Closed Sundays

24/7 on call emergency services

Phone: (403)741-8616 

Fax: (403)742-8606

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