Maverick understands the nature and needs of the ever fluctuating cattle market for both cattle feedlot operators and cow/calf producers. Providing services that will increase your production animal’s health while increasing the efficiency and value of your business is a balance we strive to achieve. Through consultation we can develop a keen understanding of how your operation runs, and from that point we work with you to provide your herd and business with services that are tailored to fit your needs. We are able to serve our clients more effectively with an onsite tip table, isolation facilities which include individual heated calf boxes, and mobile veterinary units. We also are currently under construction working on adding in a second chute to more efficiently serve our clients. 


Our Services Include;


  • Herd Health Protocol Consultations

  • Vaccination Protocol Consultations

  • Reproduction Management; Pregnancy Testing and Semen Testing

  • Calving Complications

  • Hoof trimming

  • Scour Calf Treatment

  • Surgical Procedures; Hernia repairs, Obstructions, Bloat Corrections, Water Belly, Eye Enucleations, etc.

  • Exportations and Breeding Facility Requirements

 We also provide services for Dairy cattle and certain services for Bison as well.


Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm

Sat. 9am-1pm

Closed Saturdays through the summer months

Closed Sundays

24/7 on call emergency services

Phone: (403)741-8616 

Fax: (403)742-8606

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